The little, sleepy creative you


Taking the time to feel "your creative side" can be really difficult. A complete challenge that can take a really long time. The "creative you" lives in there, inside you, and sometimes she or he is sleeping, taking an unstoppable nap because of the boredom happening inside there. That creative "you" is like a little-ruffled kid who needs to keep entertained in order to make his energy fluid out. Just give some toys to the "creative you" and let him play. Let's creativity fluid and show to the world the best state of itself.


Creating is a continuous process, and it can happen in the most curious ways. Sometimes it's the result of a mistake and other times is the result of casualty. It can happen after the misunderstood effort or in an unexpected moment. Creativity is there accompanying life and constantly showing with a strong energy to its pleasure. That’s the reason, why it's important to invite it to come out to the real world and let it materialize in ideas, even when they are no the more brilliant.


Be kind to creativity, be gentle to the sleepy creative you. Remember that kindness can trigger the most amazing events and that has immense value applied to the creative life.