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Creator or procrastinator? - Taking control over your creative life again!

When I hear or read interviews about creatives talking about their creative process, it is really funny to also hear the misconception involved in it. "It sounds so easy! They are really focused! Why can’t I be as focused as well?"

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Making a habit and the cyclical failure

The first months of the year are gone and you surely think of that long list of everything we proposed around 365 days ago and didn't achieve. It's a strange feeling accompanied by an uncomfortable frustration. Fulfilling a purpose has a lot to do with habits and many of us are not well trained in the subject. Sometimes habits are the responsible for that failure (but not the right ones)...

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About creativity, inspiration and frustration

It's eight o'clock. You just woke up and now you are drinking that cup of coffee that you enjoy every single morning. You deserve it! It could be a relaxing and a happy journey, but today you just can't help thinking of your next project. In fact, you are never able to forget about it. You know you have to find the next "great idea". But exactly right now when you need all that inspiration, your head is as empty as that bottle of cola in the trash. It's time to be creative! And you usually are. But now you just have that feeling of involuntary sabotage...

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