Challenging the habit: #30daysofbirds


There are many creative things I always wanted to try. However, taking the time for them is not always easy. That's the reason why you have to push yourself and set a goal that forces you back in a creative way. For me is this occasion a new intent on going back to drawing. But the drawing experience is not the same if you don't share your creations. It's been on your own in a wonderful world of what the others are not awared at all. That's the main reason why I'm really excited to start this little challenge called: #30daysofbirds in which for the next 30 days, I'll be posting illustrations of crazy, funny, simple and colorful birds.

It may sound easier as it really is. Is not only about the doodles. It's more about the uncomfortable feeling of doing something different, but at the same time about the excitement of entering to a new adventure. At least it is how it feels for me. It about that feeling of insecurity too, the consequence of exposing yourself in front of a community, in front of the eyes of other creative people, even if you know that they may not care. 


I don't exactly know what is going to happen after #30daysofbirds. For the moment, it feels a little bit messy. My Instagram wasn't really focused on drawing, nonetheless, I have shared some of my creative work on it. In fact, if you go to the very first posts, you'll realize that was my first intention, but then I realized how beautiful the buildings look when you turn your head up and that became the central point of my feed. Now I'm going back to colorful illustrations and hope to find a fair balance in the future. 

I'll be happy if you visit my Instagram profile and give me your feedback or just take a look at it and enjoy. Of course, at some point after this 30 days, I'll let you know about the experience and the learning of doing it. I'll also upload all those funny birds to my gallery when the challenge is completed. Stay tuned!

First bird of the challenge