Finding your passion. Who dared to say it was easy?


Finding your creative passion can be a hard job. It takes a lot of energy and once you have found it, you still have to find the time for it and also learn to feel comfortable with the decisions you make in order to live a creative life.


I know about the struggle that means finding your passion. Most of the time, you already know what it is, but you are too afraid to accept it. Expressing your desire to find a place in the creative world can be misunderstood by many if you say it loud. Situations like this can be a real problem and can make us take a step back. Knowing our selves also means dealing with insecurities and auto-sabotage. Am I good enough? Am I doing it right? Should I share it with the world? All those are questions we should try to ignore in order to put our attention on what is important: our passions.

Creativity is not exclusive for some folks, everyone is welcome there. You can share it in an extrovert way if you want, but you can also keep it for you if you decide so. Start by making what makes you happy. Keep in mind that you don’t have to convince the world, but you definitely have to convince yourself and put some hard work to start feeling comfortable whit it. Passions are part of your life and you should, without a doubt, give it a shot.

Taking some time for your passions sounds really good and it’s very easy to say, but in the praxis, it can be really challenging. I, for example, enjoy working on this side project of mine, but inspiration is not always there. I would sometimes open my laptop and contemplate the withe field where I should start writing without typing a single word. Sometimes I have an idea, but I am so tired to write it down. And when I finally have the time, the idea is gone or it is no longer as exciting as it was at the beginning. Paradoxically, trying to find the time for your passions can be really tedious, but persistence is the key.


Trying to find the time for your passions can be really tedious, but persistency is  the key…

Is it worth? Of course, it is worth. We are not talking about persuading a career or exposing yourself to millions of followers. It is first work with yourself. It is about finding joy in your passions and learning to feel comfortable. It is also about daring to take out those ideas out of your head and giving it some space for new ideas. It is about honesty but also about courage. Challenge is not only out there in the world. They are most of the time in ourselves and we carry them every second of our lives. Wouldn’t it be awesome stop carrying with some of this package?

In older posts, I’ve talked about some people who decided to take the time for their passions. Taking this time turn those passions in awesome projects: podcasts, blogs, books, you call it. You should give it a look. I’m sure, some of them will inspire you and motivate you. Something is for me clear after knowing the stories of all these amazing creatives. You have to start wit yourself!