Oh, I forgot it's Xmas!

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Every year is the same. Lights and decorations cover the streets bringing homes to life. People visit euphoric the Malls expecting to buy the perfect presents or maybe a colorful kitschy outfit while Christmas songs are played in the background everywhere in a continuous loop. People seem to be very happy and they share this happiness and joy with each other. Everything seems to be perfect, except that I have forgotten, once again, to write that Xmas post!

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But I am not the only one. Stores start showing Christmas products on their cabinets already in September and we eat all those sweet and delicious meals without control until January. And then, you wake up one day realizing that the season is gone. Is like being in trance. We are deeply immersed in it, that we ironically forget it is Christmas time! At least that is what happens to me. 

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But this rushy situation doesn’t happen just at stores. The creative world is also doing Xmas work in advance. Christmas contents are prepared with weeks or months of anticipation, expecting for the “X-Date“ to be shown to the world. But there is also the other side of the story. Those people like me, who think about their Christmas post at the very last minute, looking for inspiration, ideas, and something to say about the wonderful holidays. And we all know, working under pressure is not exactly creativity's best friend. Yes, the days are wonderful but the ideas not really that much!

Please, do not misunderstand me! I like Christmas and I am excited about it. But as much as you, I am living in the Xmas-trance, sometimes so deep, that I ironically forget it is Christmas time! After months of Christmas decoration, all that red-green-gold atmosphere turns into normality. It’s like waiting for that day so long that you forget what exactly you are waiting for until the "X-day" arrives. It feels you have all the time in the world, until... you don't have it anymore. And you stay there, standstill looking at the world moving in front of your eyes, while your Xmas thoughts just relax with no intention to work. And this is how the festive time turns into not a very festive post.

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Christmas is for some people time for reflection and for others the season of the year to see the beloved ones and create wonderful memories with them. It is less about the presents and more about sharing the table. So, maybe it is not that bad if at the end we forget a little about the Xmas invasion around us and start concentrating on those things that we love and enjoy. And then, when you wake up one day and the season is gone, you will have those wonderful memories standing by with you.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 

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