Inspiration Box


Do you already have an "Inspiration Box"? I mean that item which you can open or visit every time you need to get inspired. If you do not have any yet, you should take a moment to read this post and find the best options for you to start making one! Don't worry! You don't need wood, nails, paint; neither money. Just some patience and self-knowledge in order to find the best options for you.

Every creative person knows how important it is to collect inspiration everywhere, especially if you are looking forward to keeping inspired. From little things to the big ones, you can collect your items or motives in many ways and at the same time have access to them later, when you need them. Sometimes is really surprising taking a look at your "Inspiration Box" and finding an amazing collection that you don't longer remember having. It is a much bigger surprise is when a wonderful project starts with these memories.

Inspiration is there surrounding us in many ways and forms. It comes unexpected and sometimes just for an instant. If we are not prepared to catch it, amazing things and wonderful projects may be gone forever and will never happen. The good news is that you have the possibility to capture them in many ways, no matter how spontaneous that instant is. Here you have some ideas, tools, and gadgets to start catching it:


> Notebook. A notebook is always a good idea to start collecting. You can not only write on it but also draw or make a collage. You can use as many lines and colors as you want and keep it compact and accessible as you need it. A must-have for the paper lovers.

> Photo camera. It doesn't matter what camera you are using to capture inspiration. You can use the one in your telephone. The idea is to capture scenes that makes you speechless as well as all those unexpected and spontaneous moments on your day a day. If you are a photography lover, you can also carry a camera everywhere with you.

> Voice Recorder. How many times have you had an idea and you have the hands busy or don't have paper and pencil with you. A great alternative for those moments is the voice recorder in your smartphone. If you decide to integrate this alternative to your collector tools, keep sure that your favorite recorder app is accessible. Maybe with a shortcut or on the main screen. Sometimes taking a moment during the day after recording in order to write down the main ideas of your record on paper helps.

> Envelope. You can attach it to the cover of your notebook. Some of them already have one. Sometimes you are on your way and see an interesting article, a wonderful illustration of a magazine or newspaper. You may become a little note from a friend or found a beautiful leave in the park. You can keep all that in your envelop and open it when you need to refresh your memories.

> Notes app. Our telephones are a powerful tool to keep inspired. You can complete your "inspiration-box-combo" with a notes app, to which you'll always have access without carrying extra gadgets with you. Some apps are really complete, beautiful and offer a lot of possibilities. You can have many of the previous tools on it, like writing, taking pictures, sketching, recording or also keep virtual content.  Google Keep, Apple Notes, and OneNote are only some alternatives. 

> Virtual markers. Social networks are a great source of inspiration and many of them offer tools to mark your favorite content in order to access it later. On Instagram for example, you can use markers and also curate them in categories to keep everything organized. If you are using a browser, some add-on like "Pocket" can help you to organize this information and access to it later, even on your other devices.


These are just some of the tools you can use to start building your "Inspiration Box". But the possibilities are endless: text markers, separators, a pin-board where you can pin postcards or stick notes can be great complements. You can even literally use a box to keep everything that inspires you. Just use your creativity and let the world inspires you in order to find what is the best for you.

Ah! And don't forget to open your "Inspiration-Box" from time to time!

Which tools do you use to keep inspired?