A little thought on being creative

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On the last days, I've been reflecting on what creativity means to me and why I'm still keeping going on with this project, which I continue reinventing and restarting. Why is creativity so important in our lives? Why is creativity that important in my life? Maybe this thought belongs on the about page, but for now, let's just take a minute and let us think about that little piece called creativity completing our life! I warn you. This post is not about answers, but about questions.

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As I started "The Creative Bad", I did it as a sort of a way to explore what creativity means to each of us, the creative people, even if we don´t do it in a professional level. I think we all can agree, how important inspiration is in a creative life, also when you really can't explain why. There is something liberating about it! You may choose another profession, that doesn't have to do something with the creative world, but you still have that creative soul living inside you, and that's something no one can deny. For some people it could be a little spark and in others a huge, uncontrollable fire. In both cases, this energy is motivating you to spend some minutes to hours to do that thing that you love.

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I also know that kind of guilt and bad sensation when you define yourself as a creative. Many people experiment it and many other professionals had to live with this feeling before becoming the successful creators they are today.  You may see people out there making a living from their art, forgetting that each person has a story and that it may take a big journey to be there where they are now. (I will be writing about some cases in future posts). I have experimented that sensation too, and that's why I thought, it would be a good idea to start a tribute to all those creative souls, no matter how big or small the spark inside us is. We all have experimented that impostor feeling, but we also have experimented the taste of a wonderful creative moment.

Yes, it is possible, that is only an excuse to explore the wonderful world of creativity. (And it certainly is! Every project needs a focus.) Because the creative world is made of diversity and experimented from different perspectives. You can find some creatives with a formal education, making wonderful work out there. There are also those others who don't exactly had the formation of an artist, but who also discovered this world by themselves resulting to become an amazing and a rewarding journey. And there is also this group of people stealing a couple of minutes to every day, sometimes in secret, to be able to do what they enjoy to do in their creative world. Some of us show your work to the world, while others show it only to closest persons and many others keep it private. But it doesn't matter, what you do whit it. The most important thing is keeping the passion alive and enjoying every single second of your creative world

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Welcome to the world of creativity! Welcome to the world you created! Welcome to your creative life! There is not bad creativity when it comes from your heart and is authentic! Be creative and never be afraid to be a bad one!