Maybe a bad idea


Here I go again! Once again starting a project, but this time I have the feeling, this is the one!

Hey! This is the first TCBx publication and I have to confess how scary is to start this new project. First, because every new beginning is scary. Second, because I'm talking about a topic in which I'm not exactly an expert and last because I'm doing it in English, which is not my first language. However, I don't want start from zero.

Finding your voice is a difficult process. You have to try many things and go many ways before you realize you are on the right path. Turning off the inside voice is a big mistake, even when you've realized that your actual voice is no longer the old one.

As I said, this is a new project, but it's not my first blog. Technically is the second, or the third, or maybe the fourth, or maybe still the first one... But I'd like to stay with the idea of the second one. Okay, Let me explain you! I started a little project three years ago. The idea was to share a few the things that I love to do: drawing and illustrating for example. As the time went by, more and more ideas were coming to my mind. Trying to keep the "editorial line", I decided to stay with the original idea. But then the desire of writing about the other "exciting" topics became stronger and stronger until I couldn't resist anymore. I started to include those new ideas in my blog. What could be that worse that could happen? Nobody seemed to have an interest in what I say. The space was still very young and I just did it!

Days and months went by, and after those complementary topics came to the supplementary ones. At this point, the blog had already some traffic and comments. It was starting to work! But, of course, and once again, that voice inside my head couldn't leave me alone. Those supplementary posts became the principal ones and the site's essence, but the name didn't sound right anymore. I mean, I started a space to write about my joy for drawing, sketching and illustrating. For this reason, the name of the project was Freellustration.

The next reasonable step was to change the name of the blog. It had to be flexible, it should allow me to write about other ideas when I want, but it should reflect something about me at the same time. The new project was esquinaDC. It seemed to be a good name. The more than hundred articles at Freellustration had a new home. And new ones joined to the archive, but after a year something didn't feel right again. The publications were still there and the last ones were much better than the old ones. Still, there was that something that wouldn't leave me alone for many days.

I decided not to think a lot about it and just change the name once again. At this point, I had the wish to reach a wider public; an international one. That's how I changed the name to myDCcorner. Once again, it seemed to be a bad decision. With that name, I couldn't avoid thinking of a charming coffee shop on a beautiful corner of Washington D.C. and that was driving me crazy. I also have to confess that after many failures I gave up on my project.

I would love to say, this project is a great and a wonderful idea, but after so many tries, I'm not longer sure. Before taking the decision of bringing back this project, I tried to analyze the situation and find some pros. Instead, I found a bunch of reasons, why it could be a bad idea:

I've started a blog more than once.

I spent more time editing the site appearance as writing (It is just so much fun!).

Enjoy being creative and enjoy being a bad one!