No perfection required in the “perfect creative world”

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It happens to every creative at least once in life. When looking at the work of wonderful and creative people, you may enjoy their work and probably have a profound admiration for the creator. What you see could be inspirational or maybe is just a reference to you. That is when it turns difficult to avoid comparing the own work with the project you are looking at. At this point, doubts may invade your head and suddenly your work does not seem good enough. But just think for a moment and ask yourself. Do you seriously think there is only perfection backstage? Do you really think the creative process was fluid and harmonic? If the answer is yes, then you should take a second look and try to answer the question again.

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The creative world is full of astonishing ideas and beautiful creations. All of them are the result of hard work. The finished work is the conclusion of a creative process, but it can be just part of it as well. This process is normally hard and rarely gives results on the first try. It is about “try and failure”, even if you have an idea that seems clear, a lot of unexpected things come between, changing the way you were intended to follow. It is then when the creative has to take a step back and rethink everything. Or maybe not! Maybe you could just let “accidents” happen. Who knows, the may turn into an unexpected success! 

As you see, the process sounds like everything but perfection. It is all about trying, failing, trying again and letting things happen. Creatives have to experiment first with imperfection in order to get it perfect and sometimes (more as you think) is this perfection just a coincidence.  Let’s just say that perfection is made of many imperfect pieces. And it’s awesome!

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Nothing is perfect before it is perfect!
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Let’s go back again to the perfect world our perceptions. Yes, it is perfect for you, but if you had the chance to ask the creator about it, she or he may surprise you with an unexpected opinion. The result can be beautiful for your eyes, but this beauty is just the result of perception. There is always a soft sense of frustration when ideas lose their way, even if they accidentally turn into something gorgeous. Ask another spectator and you may become a different opinion which extremely contrasts yours. What you see is pleasing somehow your expectations, but that doesn’t mean it’s also pleasing the expectations of someone else. Background, mood, and the going situation are only some factors that influence our perception. It is also important to consider that what is true today is not necessarily going to be true tomorrow.

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Nonetheless, you should not worry about imperfection. It is part of the enjoyment and pleasure of creation. You should be always open to trying it, embrace it and never be ashamed of the results. You could wait for perfection to declare your work as finished and only then, decide to show your work. But if you wait so long, you may be missing the process of growing up. And most importantly, you may be missing the opportunity of learning from other's feedback. Most of the time it is really helpful. It can be a tool to rediscover your work and, of course, yourself. Just take your time and try to be honest for a second. Connect with yourself and stop faking how happy you are with your work. Again, embrace imperfection! After that, you should feel glad and thankful to discover that despite adversity, inspiration is still, and has always been with you.

The creative world is perfect in many ways as a result of its own imperfections. Using the work of others as a reference point is not a good idea if the criterium is how much better this reference is. Instead, you should take a step back and look at the creative process of the piece or project. Do it with an open mind and without preconceptions! You can find examples everywhere. Many projects just started really small and it took them a considerable time, sometimes years, to find their way. It doesn’t necessarily mean they have already found the place they were meant to reach. It’s all about letting inspiration play with your ideas in order to figure the next exciting step.

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Share the imperfections of your creative process with us and tell us, how they have helped you to find your creative way! How do you embrace these imperfections? Leave a comment!