Not as good as... "Embracing mistakes"


I try to honor imperfection and understand it as a part of the creative process. This is difficult trying to ignore it when you see the awesome work of other creatives. Someone said that “the grass is always greener in the yard of the neighbor”. And it may be true!

The process of creation is made of different ingredients and one of them is the “accidents” that occur while creating. A non-straight line, so much pigment or a stroke out of place can be some of the mistakes occurring. These are not the kind of mistakes that happen as a result of making bad decisions. Those are unpredictable actions which come on our way while we are in an “inspirational nirvana”.


Frustrating is especially those mistakes that happen when we are giving the last touches. Depending on the technique, it is not always possible just going back and push “Ctrl + Z”. Sometimes you have to decide if your project is still worth to be finished. Do not expect the answer to be easy. A lot of frustration will be involved. It can be the case, that too many hours were invested and now your only option is to accept the newly revealed destiny.


The uncomfortable situation is not always bad. Sometimes accidents are the ones making a creation special. The story takes a turn off and we accept the new creation. It still takes some courage and self-acceptance to make mistakes. Even when it’s one of those “making everything right” because it won’t be always a lucky mistake.

Are we the only ones making mistakes? The answer is “NO!” Even the most prodigious creatives make mistakes. The reality is that the work that we see from this creatives is usually a curated gallery in the social networks. The key is to “Keep Going”* and keep trying your best learning from your mistakes.

In the last days I have been making many of these mistakes and after thinking, how I can improve. I decided to embrace all those twisted lines, excess of color and last “I shouldn’t” touches. The truth is that mistakes can only happen if you are taking action. Sometimes your work will be better than others. The important thing is to keep going because making mistakes is only a step in the way of mastering something.**

Embracing mistakes requires confidence and kind of an impersonal view. Because “the grass is always greener in the yard of the neighbor”.


Afternote: I decided to refer to two of my favorite “media creators” which embrace the topic and inspired this post. Here are the links for more information:

*Keep Going - A book by Austin Kleon

**Mistakes Make Magic - A podcast by Catherine Guidry