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Creator or procrastinator? - Taking control over your creative life again!

When I hear or read interviews about creatives talking about their creative process, it is really funny to also hear the misconception involved in it. "It sounds so easy! They are really focused! Why can’t I be as focused as well?"

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5 inspiring ideas from creative books

When looking for inspiration, you don't necessarily need a bunch of words to discover a little something that reinforces your creative soul at that moment. Sometimes are the most simple ideas and quotes the ones that help you to keep going on your creative pad. Here are some of my favorites collected from wonderful and creative books for you...

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A little thought on being creative

On the last days, I've been reflecting on what creativity means to me and why I'm still keeping going on with this project, which I continue reinventing and restarting. Why is creativity so important in our lives? Why is creativity that important in my life? Maybe this thought belongs on the about page, but for now, let's just take a minute and let us think about that little piece called creativity completing our life! I warn you. This post is not about answers, but about questions...

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