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Finding your passion. Who dared to say it was easy?

Finding your creative passion can be a hard job. It takes a lot of energy and once you have found it, you still have to find the time for it and also learn to feel comfortable with the decisions you make in order to live a creative life…

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Inspiration Box

Do you already have an "Inspiration Box"? I mean that item which you can open or visit every time you need to get inspired. If you do not have any yet, you should take a moment to read this post and find the best options for you to start making one! Don't worry! You don't need wood, nails, paint; neither money. Just some patience and self-knowledge in order to find the best options for you…

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A little thought on being creative

On the last days, I've been reflecting on what creativity means to me and why I'm still keeping going on with this project, which I continue reinventing and restarting. Why is creativity so important in our lives? Why is creativity that important in my life? Maybe this thought belongs on the about page, but for now, let's just take a minute and let us think about that little piece called creativity completing our life! I warn you. This post is not about answers, but about questions...

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