Do you have a non-profit project and need illustrations to support concepts and ideas creatively?

Please read and consider the information below! We may be an awesome match!

This is a pilot project whose objective is to support other projects that make our world a better place.

Before you get in touch, please keep in mind that this is a non-profit collaboration for non-profit projects. No matter if you are a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) or if you have a personal project which goal is to make the world a little better. Please read the following points and make sure you understand these terms. Get in touch if you have any questions. I would be glad to hear about your proposal!

  • For me, it is also important to collaborate in projects in which I believe and are aligned to my values. A collaboration with any project that promotes violence, hate or discrimination of any kind is foreclosed.

  • This is a good faith collaboration from both sides. Any abuse can revoke the collaboration and the use of permission of the collaboration-material.

  • Digital or print reproduction is permitted when it was previously agreed and expressed in written form, so far the content is not modified and/or taken out of context.

  • The use of the illustrations is limited to the purpose that was expressed and agreed in written form. If you want to extend these rights, please get in touch.

  • A deadline will be defined according to the dimension of the project. You can also inform your wished deadline. Please keep in mind, that depending on the workload, short term deadlines can be difficult to maintain.

  • All information shared by the candidates will be handled as confidential. Any details or information about the person or organization will be shared during the proposal or work stages. “Work in progress” will be eventually shared in the social networks and portfolio.

  • When the work is concluded, the collaborations will be included for a limited time in my website with the following information: Name of the Organization or person behind the project, the project, date, and in some cases, the description of the project and a link to the Organization or project, regardless of the use or not of the material for the project in question. In case that the material is not used by the candidate, the material will be published in this Website with the legend “proposal”, the name of the organization or person and the name of the project.

  • Please, fill the following form in order to send your proposal: