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Today I want to introduce you to my top favorite podcasts. They rock creativity and will surely bring tons of inspiration to your creative life. You may already know some of them. Probably all of them! Because their great content has already positioned some of them as the best of their category. Nevertheless, I hope this post lets you discover at least one new person or maybe just helps you to reconnect with them. Now open your podcast provider an don't forget to subscribe to each one of them. Enjoy!

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Design Life is a podcast with honest conversations about the creative world, design and side projects. Charli Prangley and Femke Van Schoonhoven "borrow us their shoes" to help us understand different situations in the creative world. Their stories are so intimate and close to our creative skin, that many times you could assure they are talking to you in a very personal way and telling your own story.

I love and appreciate very much how they honor the concept of "side projects" and give a new value to our significant creative activities in which is worth for us to spend some time just for the pleasure of feeding our creative life. Awesome advice, entertainment and inspiration moments.  You also should know, there is no place for taboo-creative-topics here!

Where to find it?

Podcast: https://designlife.fm/archive/

Social Networks: Twitter


Andy J. Miller, better known as Dr. Pizza, is your host in this wonderful podcast. He is passionate about creativity (and pizza) and uses this passion and some of his precious time to share his wise advice with the creative world. Using a pencil-sword as a weapon, Dr. Pizza opens the path to an inspirational world, which makes you question the Status Quo and also motivates you to overcome the obstacles in your creative way. 

After hearing at the emotional show, you will realize how contagious his positivity is and you will discover yourself with a smile, but also, from time to time, with a couple of tears in your eyes. 

With wonderful guests from different creative areas, Andy provides the right condiments for this creative pizza, that "tastes like Jazz".

Where to find it?

Podcast: http://www.creativepeptalk.com/

Social Networks: Instagram, Twitter


This girl is a badass when it comes to creativity! Mallory Whitfield gives a thought to the different aspects of the creative world and shares they with you. Sometimes, she does it in the company of amazing guests. From creative business to social media, this show is perfect for you if you want to discover wonderful references that will rock your creative work.

One of the highlights of the program comes always at the end when Mallory comes to her "quick-fire questions", asking her badass-guests about their interests, inspiration sources, and advice. This section turns frequently into an honest conversation which many times reveals the human side of wonderful creative minds. 

Where to find it?

Podcast: https://www.badasscreatives.com/podcast/

Social Networks: Instagram, Twitter


If you know who Catherine Guidry is, you may be thinking this is a Podcasts about photography. Let me tell you that you are completely wrong! Mistakes Make Magic is a show embracing imperfection. Catherine brings the taboo-side of the creative world to light. In her conversations, you will find yourself giving a second thought on what you previously believed about imperfection. 

Sometimes she will tell you about her valuable experiences in her creative business, and other times you will hear her in a deep, inspirational and sometimes funny conversation with other creatives who also have priceless advice to share.

As a result, you will discover yourself getting conscious about how much life is provided by mistakes to every single creative project.

Where to find it?

Podcast: http://catherineguidry.com/mistakes-make-magic-landing-page

Social Networks: Instagram


If you are looking for some positivity to start your day, then you have to know Kat Molesworth and hear inspirational "Blogtacular Podcast". Here you will hear interviews from experimented, creative and inspirational people who make of creativity their everyday. Each new episode is like a conversation with a new friend, who in most cases is worth to follow in their social media networks. 

The interviews are masterly directed by Kat and you will also her sharing her wise advice with you.  You also should know that Blogtacular is just one piece of a much bigger creative package which includes a blog and conferences that you can also follow on their internet site.

Where to find it?

Podcast: http://blogtacular.com/podcast/

Social Networks: Instagram, Twitter

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